Saturday, September 18, 2010

one year later

One year ago, I broke my right arm while ice skating.

One year later, I have had surgery to install a plate in my right elbow that is daily increasing my chance of later getting severe arthritis, a 2 inch scar, and a small area around it that is completely numb.

One year later I am still dealing with insurance, doctor bills, and workmen's compensation.

One year later I still do not have full range of motion.

One year later I still cannot touch my right shoulder with my right hand, cannot touch the back of my neck with my right hand, and cannot reach nearly as far with my right hand as I can with my left hand.

One year later I am officially 5% disabled....most likely for the rest of my life.

And one year later I am glad it wasn't worse, glad I still have the use of my hand, and glad that I can still do the job that I love, despite the fact that my kids have felled me with a nasty flu bug.

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