Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reset Buttons Would Be Nice

5:15....alarm goes off, I get up and discover that the cat is apparently mad at me and left me all kinds of fun presents in the hall, the bathroom, and the kitchen. So awesome to discover when half asleep.
6:00...racing out the door to take some friends to the airport, forget my water on the counter (this will be important later...)
6:05...forget which side my gas tank is on, pull into the gas station backwards
6:07...attempt to zip up my jacket, only to discover I have put it on inside out
6:30...discover that everyone in Seattle is taking off from the Southwest terminal this morning, and have decided to creatively park in the dropoff lanes, so instead of being able to get out and give my two best friends a proper sendoff, I have to basically push them out of the car while it is still moving.
6:35...get on I-405 instead of I-5 to return a misplaced engagement ring (long story) and come to a total halt at milepost 3. I proceed to spend the next hour and a quarter going so slowly that it doesn't even register on the speedometer. It took me that long to go 4 miles due to a flaming bus crash on the smallest, busiest freeway in Seattle.
8:15...almost get into an accident by missing the exit and nearly heading to Canada instead of Edmonds
8:20...GPS sends me PAST the school my conference is on
8:25...park in the very last row of the parking lot and RUN to try and make the 8:30 class on the second floor on the far side of the building.
8:45...realize I forgot my water and go to vending machine. Put in $1.25 and am given the message that the water is sold out. Push the coin return and get back 60 cents.

Some days, it would just be better to push the reset button and start over. =)

It's been a busy summer. I took off the weekend after my last post and spent three weeks with my dad helping him farm. I had internet access, but no time to blog. I got back on Sunday and the next day my two best friends came in to visit. They left this morning and I am in the midst of a conference regarding a teaching program that will be consuming my life for the next 8 months (more on that later), so I am going to leave this here, and pick it up later. School is starting soon and I am itching to get into my classroom on Monday!


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