Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let it Rain.....

I live in an apartment. I have lived in several different apartments over the last 10 years. There are positives and negatives to apartment living, but I do like this one fairly well. One of the things that I like about this place is that I live about 50 feet from the Green River. There is a trail that runs around my apartment complex and through my town, between the river and the actual apartment property. This is what it looks like.When the water is high, it looks like this.
And as of yesterday, it looks like this.
I'm not sure how these sandbags will affect the property value.

Here's the backstory. Last winter, when we had all the heavy snow and rain for so long, the Howard Hansen dam was damaged and while the Army Corps of Engineers did attempt to get it fixed, it hasn't happened yet. In addition, according to my mom (who watched the news a lot while she was here the last two weeks), when they created the banks of the Green River, "they" (whoever that is) did it incorrectly and they have been attempting to fix it ever since.

So for the last few months, there have been news stories, community meetings, mailings, and so on, all about what might be happening this winter if it rains too much. The dam can't hold as much water as normal, so there is a distinct possibility that if it rains too much, they will have to let water out...which would flood this area. And I mean flood a LOT. As much as 10 feet of water OVER the banks. In order to prevent massive flooding, for the past week construction workers have been cutting down trees along the banks, clearing out the brush, and when I got home from school yesterday, there was a line of sandbags, as far as the eye can see in either direction. (Granted, I have poor eyesight, but nonetheless...)

Me? Well, I subscribe to the point of view that if we prepare, nothing will happen.

I hope.


Melissa B. said...'ve gone from arid Texas to overflowing Seattle. Good luck. Sending positive vibes your way...

Lisa E said...

Giving you a loud, "AMEN!" from a few buildings down.

Lisa E said...
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