Monday, September 28, 2009

I shall hereafter be referred to as the Bionic Woman

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today, and here's the latest on my arm:

I not only broke the tip, I broke it in two pieces and while one piece is in more or less the right spot, the other piece is very much in the wrong place. So the doctor will have to go in to fix it. Best case scenario, he goes in, puts the piece back, slaps a metal plate on it and wah-la, I'm done. Worst case scenario, he goes in, the piece that looks like it is broken off may actually be in many tiny pieces, and they would replace the bone tip with a metal tip. Either way, I'll be setting off metal detectors....yet another deterrent to flying.
Good news is that it doesn't look like this will be as traumatic as my last surgery, so while I will be taking Wednesday through Friday off this week, I should be back to work on Monday. Fortunately, the kids were already scheduled to take a test on the block day (Wed and Thur), so I just need to come up with something for Friday.
I would appreciate your prayers, the nurses generally have an extremely difficult time finding a vein for the IV and I always get a little freaked out when signing documents warning me that I may die in surgery AND IT'S NOT THE FAULT OF THE HOSPITAL. The surgery is scheduled for 9 am on Wednesday. Thanks.....more updates post-surgery.

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JD said...

Best case scenario, you become a super baseball pitcher like that kid in that one movie.