Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small Relatives

It's been a while since I've posted...sorry. I've been pretty busy. My sister and her three kids came to visit and I went home two weekends in a row to visit them, and between that time it was so hot in my apartment that I couldn't even handle the thought of turning on anything that produced heat. My sister and her three kids came from Missouri to visit my parents, so we got to hang out for a while over the course of two weeks. The youngest one (pictured here) is quite a talker and very opinionated. She loved the paint we made pictures with and is quite a charmer.
The oldest one is articulate and loves art and reading. We spent some time at the beach and she was very interested by the lighthouse.

We went to the beach as much as possible, and made a sea turtle on the last day. The middle one, and only boy, is absolutely fascinated by ALL animals, no matter what size or kind. He has an incredibly active imagination and regaled us all week with tales of sharks, eels, and would have happily lived in the aquarium with the octopus. He asked nearly everyone we met if they liked his mohawk, bravely petted fish at the aquarium, and talked incessantly about hammerhead sharks, crabs, eels, and lobsters all week. He moves constantly, but sat for three hours looking at a book with animal pictures in it.

I had a great time with them, and I'm going to really miss them now that they are back in Missouri.

On the bright's August and school is coming up!

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Bethany said...

It looks like everyone had fun! Those are cute kiddos! :)