Friday, July 24, 2009

College Break

Over the last two weeks I have been taking a free class at the University of Washington. This is a class that is offered to high school teachers through the Jackson School of International Studies. Each year they cover a different topic having something to do with the Middle East. Last year I took a class entitled "Teaching Middle Eastern History Using Arab Fiction" in which we read 7 novels and talked about how to use them in a high school setting. This year the class was titled "Egypt from the Middle Ages to the Present" and I feel like I have learned so much about Egypt in a time period that world history classes don't normally touch on. It was really interesting.

It is always strange to go back to a university setting again. I graduated from college in 2002 but I still feel old when I go back on campus. I would eventually like to go back to school to get my master's degree, but it will have to wait until finances are more in order. I do enjoy being on campus though...UW has a beautiful campus.
It is also kind of hilarious to see historically related graffiti. I know it's a bit difficult to see, but I put the "translation" below.
Original Statement:
  • the historian is a prophet in reverse
  • why in "reverse"? Since, ostensibly we create history, isn't a historian just a prophet?
  • only if we truly believe history repeats itself and thus becomes the future
  • because time in the physical universe only moves forward!

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