Sunday, June 7, 2009

I counted my chickens too soon

It is a common saying among teachers and it makes sense, that a school is one of the most unsanitary places in the world. I think it is nothing short of miraculous that we don't all die of diptheria every year.

This year, I didn't get sick. I have been subject to sinus infections since I was little and usually get one or two a year. But not this year.

I counted myself lucky and thought that maybe I had finally acclimated to teaching school. So that even though this year was so incredibly stressful, I didn't get sick.

But now I am.

It figures that the kids waited until almost the end of the year to give me this noxious crud, but despite being sick all last week with the hottest classroom in the world, I made it through the week.

Don't worry...I plan on taking my revenge and infecting as many as possible. I'll use their own methods against them - sneeze on a paper and then hand it to them.

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

11 days left.


Bethany said...

LOL-- go for it! I'm sorry you are sick though. I am a preschool teacher so I completely understand the germs! ;)

Ronnica said...

No doubt they hope you would go easy on them in these last days if you were sick!

Me said...

ewww Christy! As much as I can empathize with you, thats disgusting! :o)