Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Some days it just isn't worth going to first period.

Like today, when two kids started fighting BEFORE first period started. I have several "sparklers" (as my friend J calls them...) in my first period. And in my 5th period, and of course in 6th period. One of the kids in there is one of my more high-maintenance special ed kids. This particular kid is in a pretty severe downward spiral. He does things like pull his phone out, and when told to put it away told me he "wasn't texting." I said that's nice, put it away, so he got mad and told me he hated this f***ing school and stomped out. He waits until I am in the middle of giving directions and says "BOOM" as loud and drawn out as he can, and he talks often and loudly about how much he hates this f***ing school, teachers, principals, rules, etc

I have really tried to cut this kid as many breaks as I can. His mom and dad fight over him and with him. Last fall, he had to get stitches when his mom threw a trophy at his head. He moved in with his dad about two months ago, and his dad believes he is a sadly misunderstood teen, and dad is trying to be the "cool" parent, so never punishes him. As a result, this kid's behavior has spiraled very rapidly out of control, to the point that he literally cannot handle it if his teacher (myself or someone else) pay attention to any other students during class time. He will only work if it is one on one, and any attempted behavior correction, even minor, will result in anger, cursing, and pouting.

One of my other sparklers in that class is a girl we'll call Rose. Rose recently transferred in and at first was very sweet, helpful, cheerful and positive, but over the last three weeks has spiraled out of control as well. Two weeks ago she was placed in a psych ward for four days after it was discovered she was mixing OTC drugs being distributed at school by her "friends." Since Rose came back last week, she has little to no tolerance for anything that disturbs or bothers her.

Yesterday, she and the other kid start snipping at each other towards the end of class, but I was able to stifle it more or less until class was over. Today, when she walked into class, she told the other kid that he better not talk to her, that he was annoying and obnoxious and immature, and she was tired of it and wasn't going to take it anymore. Of course, he can't handle that and blows up at her, calls her a B**** and this is all before the bell rings. There is NO WAY they were going to make it through a 100 minute block period without a major fight.

It's never a good sign when you need to flag down the security guard before the school day starts.

This class is pretty frustrating as well....I feel like a bad teacher when I can't control the inmates.

18 days. That's all I'm saying. 18 days.

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