Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dancing with Fire

In two weeks is the Multicultural Show. This is a fantastic occurrence, and definitely one of my favorite weeks of the year and one of my favorite things about this school. The kids are amazingly talented and love to be on stage. They practice for weeks and they always do an incredibly amazing job. They teach each other dances like the Lion Dance, the Vietnamese Fan Dance, and tinickling. The older kids teach the younger kids each year and each year they pass the skills on.
Due to district regulations, if the kids want to practice at school, they have to have a faculty advisor present and one of my officers suckered me into it. =) So I have been hanging out after school a couple of nights a week while a group of seven girls practice the Vietnamese Hat Dance. They are funny and are doing a great job, but couldn't figure out why I was taking pictures of them.
I never did quite get on camera what I could see with my eyes, but I tried. My little point-n-shoot didn't do a great job.....I'd like to tell you that the blurriness was intentional, but it was only partly so.