Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Escape

First of all, while I love living here in Seattle, there are some things I do miss about Texas. I miss my friends, of course, and I miss the larger, cheaper apartment I had there, and I miss good Mexican food.

While I haven't (and won't) find a replacement for my friends, and the cost of living is not going down, I have found a way to assuage the pain from time to time.

McDonald's is selling sweet tea.

Now those of you from Yankee Land (also known as Places With Actual Seasons) won't understand sweet tea. It's not sweetened iced tea, it's sweet tea. It's different. It tastes like syrup, and it's impossible to duplicate at home, but it is a magical, mystical, memory juice when I'm feeling down and a little homesick (can you be homesick for a place that you never considered "home?").

And this week I am feeling a little ragged. I am pretty sure that my district has the LATEST SPRING BREAK IN THE WORLD. Our spring break is not until next week.

So this is the Longest Week Ever.

Combine the usual teacher drag at this time of year with the fact that it has been rainy and cold for longer than usual this winter, and add that to the fact that I have been working 2-4 nights a week and working with a dance team for Multicultural Week (more on that later), plus throw in the dance this Friday that I have to chaperone and I am dog-tired.

I can't wait for next week. 9 fabulous days of teenaged-angst-free days and then only 10 more weeks of school, followed by 2 months of glorious weather.

I can't wait.


Colleen said...

AWWW!! We miss you in TX, too. I am glad you are back in the NW only because it was always "home"...despite the fact that you lived here for TEN YEARS! If I could pack up Chik-fil-a, a gallon of sweet tea, and some food from Amigos, I would. Until then you may just have to settle for a visit from real life amigos.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I just found your blog, and as a teacher too, I know this time of year... bleh. THen? We have our state testing coming up, so you are trying to cram everything in before~ with students who are only thinking SPRING! Fun times! Except I teach elementary,so they also come in muddy and wet from recess!

Finding Normal said...

Not a fan of sweet tea. Actually, I've never had it, but I don't like sweetened tea, so I don't think I'd like sweet tea. Make sense?

Have a great break! I'm jealous that yours is coming up. We're on the countdown already though!

Scott & Sarah said...

Drink that tea baby! Now all you have to find is some good Mex food... ofcourse you could alway make your awesome chicken enchilidas.
Texas misses you!

smithdl said...

Delayed gratification! Think of how AWESOME Friday is going to be. It's going to be great, and just as all those other teachers are shaking their heads at the rainy weather this week, things will be (hopefully) clearing up for us. Get ready!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I laugh when i go out to eat with people here in NC... they all get sweet tea, and I get diet coke.

Just say Julie said...

We will smuggle up as much of Texas as we possibly can, I promise!
And my brother has Spring Break the week after Easter, so you're not alone in your hoping. Hang in there C!

Ronnica said...

Our spring break is next week, too. Not that it matters to me...I won't get my vacation until the week after. Dumb tax season!

Sweet tea is the only tea that I can drink at all, but I still don't like it!

Me said...

if it makes you feel any better at all, all of mexico has spring break next week too, you are not alone! : ) enjoy it to the max!!!!!

John Deere Mom said...

My husband loves sweet tea! Me? Notsomuch. But I am glad you found a little taste of home!!

Brittney Kaye said...

I have to crack up at your sweet tea comments...my husband would be saying the same thing! I on the other hand don't drink it, but he's obsessed. Especially from McDonalds! :)

Bethany said...

We finally got the sweet tea here maybe a year ago- before that I'd had it in Nashville and loved it...now I am SOOOOO addicted to the McD's sweet tea and it's awful!

Enjoy your spring break!