Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy Tourists

My friend S came to town again in a research visit for a possible move to Portland and we hung out downtown for a couple of mornings. I would show pictures of us all together, but it has become apparent to me that I do not take pictures of people. I don't know why. I did take some pictures of the other stuff....between the SNOW AND RAIN. Seriously, it is MARCH!!!!! Time for some sun!!!

Here are some reasons I Heart Seattle.

Where else will men fling dead fish into a crowd of tourists and not be beaten to death by an angry mob?
It's here that you can find gorgeous, brilliant fruit from every corner of the earth And on every corner, street performers, musicians, jugglers, and balloon matter what the weather. Here you can find ostrich eggs, goose eggs, and quail eggs....all on a bed of multi-colored chicken eggs.It's a place where everyone puts their spare change in a giant brass piggy bank and kids wear the back smooth and glossy by riding the pig....and across the street? Another pig, made of coffee beans, and affectionately known as "Pork and Beans."It's a place where you can get donuts the size of your head
...and fruits and vegetables like brociflower and pluots There's something about the light here that makes even the mundane beautiful..... when you can see sun and rain at the same time.
And nowhere else in the world are they as self-consciously aware of their own idiosyncracies. (Why yes, this IS a set of full body, adult sized, tie-dyed, drop seat pajamas)


Melanie said...

Saw you were feeling glum and wanted to stop by and say hello hoping it might cheer you up a little. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Neat photos!

Melissa B. said...

Such SUPERIOR snaps! You're making me think about moving to Seattle myself...

Megan said...

Love the pics! I used to work in Seattle but since I moved up north, I haven't actually been down into Seattle in a couple years, probably.