Friday, March 6, 2009

Emo Philosophy

As part of the work on the Enlightenment philosophers, I gave the kids an ten minute quiz on the block day this week. The last question asked "What was the biggest difference between the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke?"

Among the many answers I got (most of them correct), was the following:

"The difference between Hobbes and Locke was that Locke believed in equality and Hobbes was emo."

I can see it now....Hobbes in curled powdered wig and pantaloons, pondering the meaning of life while dying his hair black and painting his fingernails with Sharpies.


Mister Teacher said...

I might have said Hobbes was an imaginary stuffed tiger, but John Locke is a bald dude on a hidden island. :)

And really, doesn't work for you??

Melissa B. said...

And he probably wore a trench coat, too. Just checking in...and reminding you about Sx3 today. Can you say Global Warming?

Colleen said...

HAHAHAHA! Mine always said, "so basically, Hobbes got picked on in high school and therefore hated people?"

Just throwing it out for their time in government...
Montesquieu, montesquieu, he gave us checks and balances, that is just what he do.

Bonus questions = spell it.