Friday, February 20, 2009

Library Cat Fight

First of all, an update. Remember on my previous post how Emma cried pitifully in her box down the freeway to my parents house? She sat in my lap for a while on the way home and we did make it home with quite a bit of accompanying whining.

It has been absolutely beautiful here for the last few days. I know those of you that live in the South enjoy sunny weather pretty much year round, but to have several consecutive days of sunny weather in Washington in February is very awesome. For that weather to coincide with a week long break from school is nothing short of miraculous, but that is what happened this week. The cats are enjoying the sun as well......
I got home from my parents house in Oregon on Wednesday afternoon, and yesterday the weather was just so incredibly nice that I decided to walk to the library. I needed to pick up a movie on the Renaissance that Clark and I are showing next week in class and I wanted to get some books to read, so I walked down there. It was a little brisk, but so pretty....spring is definitely on the way!!!
So while I am sitting at the computer looking up the call number for a book I wanted, I hear at the computer across from me, the following conversation/cat fight:

Small woman, late 40s, with overdyed red hair - "What did you just call me??"
Younger woman with her boyfriend - mumbling inaudibly
Red - "Did you just call me a slut?"
Younger - mumbling inaudibly
Red - "You can't just call me a whore like that!"
Younger - looks at her
Red - Stands up and fronts younger woman
Younger - says something else inaudible
Red - "You wanna get out of my face?" (ironic, since she was the one getting up in the other's face)
Short (barely 5' tall) male Library Worker - "You both need to leave the library"
Both women ignore him quite pointedly
Younger woman hugs boyfriend
Redhaired woman sits back down at computer, still muttering things about whores.

I laugh to myself as I think, "even when I'm not at school I see people fighting..."

And then I walked home. This has been a nice vacation and definitely makes me feel ok about going back to school. Having a break in February is nice and I feel ready to go back to school now and deal with the kids.

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John Deere Mom said...

Um, the cat on your lap is the funniest freaking thing I have ever seen. I can't imagine any of my cats actually sitting on my lap in the car! Too funny!!