Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Wish It Was a Snow Day....

All teachers wish in their heart of hearts for a snow the same time as we don't really want one. A snow day means a missed day - which usually coincides with something that can't easily be rearranged and inevitably when the kids come back they are all hyper and believe that the test that was scheduled for the snow day has magically melted along with the snow. A snow day means that you give up a day you have off in May, when you are ready to claw your own eyes out.
But they sure are pretty!!!

We didn't get much snow, maybe half an inch, and there is ice on top of it, but it is pretty. While I normally don't want a snow day, I could really use one tomorrow. By the way, isn't the color of the sky AMAZING?? I didn't photoshop it at all.

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Ann said...

Snow days...blessing and a curse. The photos are pretty. Isn't it fun to capture those days...those feelings...those temperatures. (Cold)

Have a great Sunday. If you have the time sign up for my give-a-way that ends tomorrow.