Monday, December 8, 2008

The Black Plague was not Racist

We started talking about the Black Death today and if there is something teenagers love it is blood, guts, and gore. Coincidentally it is National Handwashing Week, and we were sent this link to a hilarious movie about sneezing. I showed it as an intro to the Black Death in 3rd period.

yeurgh...I can't seem to embed it, so here is the link.

By the way, I was asked no less than four times today if the Black Death was racist. Seriously. By 10th graders.


Colleen said...

The title made me laugh so hard I snarfed my Dr. Pepper! Love the link too.

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Does teaching about the black plague remind you of Mrs. Erickson? I ALWAYS think of her whenever I hear anything regarding the plague. :)

Doré said...

Is it bad that I am 28 and have no clue what the black death is?!?

Visiting from SITS today. I also went to your other blog and totally love the purse you made for your santa swap (I think what's what you called it) partner!

Scott & Sarah said...

O that is a GREAT title! Not surprised at all by your 10th graders... you will probably get a few parent calls as well. Very funny, loved the video, going to post it on facebook.

Columbia Lily said...

I would get parent calls if two things happened:

1. if the kids remembered what we talked about for longer than 30 seconds

2. if their parents cared about their education

never thought I would MISS parent contact