Monday, September 22, 2008


I love fall!!! The air turns crisp, the leaves start turning colors and falling off the trees, and we have these beautiful Indian summer days that are the perfect temperature with clear, gorgeous blue skies. I am of course, rubbing this in the faces of those of you readers from Texas....mwa ha ha!!

Today on the way home, I stopped at Carpinito's, an awesome fruit stand in Kent, and they had pulled out all their gourds and so on for was so pretty!!! I took some pictures, just for you!

I can't totally take credit for this, I was inspired by the Seattle Daily Photo blog picture from Sunday.
These gourds amuse me, they are the possibly the most heinously ugly vegetables in existence...including the ugli fruit.

Squash blossoms...which remind me of an old joke from elementary to you make watermelon into squash? Answer - throw it up in the air and it comes down squash. =)

These are like little white pumpkin ghosts.
The sun just looked pretty on the corn husks. Ah the memories of spending HOURS husking corn. Blah.

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Just say Julie said...

Yeah. I'm pretty sure we still hit the high 90s today. I would love actual fall football weather. Maybe by December?