Monday, July 7, 2008

West Seattle Waltz

Today was K's last day here, so we had Thai food for lunch and then drove out to West Seattle and Alki Beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I got a little sunburned again (oops). I have a hard time adjusting to the fact that I get burned much faster here than I did in Texas, and I really don't know why. K leaves tomorrow morning =( but I have seen so many things here that I would not have seen otherwise, so it's been pretty awesome.

Mt. Rainier from the trail behind my apartment was actually much easier to see than it appears in this picture.

This is the view from Alki Beack looking east towards Seattle. Alki Beach is the part of Seattle where the whites first landed...and then attempted to name the area "Duwamps."

You may have noticed the small children frolicking in the previous picture. K thought it was too cold...I made fun of her, but I didn't get in either.

This picture makes me a little seasick to look at.

I'm thinking there didn't use to be that much sand on the steps...notice the handrails to nowhere


stacie said...

I noticed kathleen is wearing long-sleeves in almost all of these pictures...should I pack my fleece?

Christy said...

totally. =)