Monday, June 23, 2008

Sardonic Small Town Editors

While I was home this past weekend, I was reading my hometown newspaper. My town has a population that is growing steadily, and right now is about 35,000-40,000. The editor of the paper is pretty moderate and really works hard to present both sides of most issues, and he has a pretty sly sense of humor as well. So when I was reading the paper this weekend, there was an article which I will reproduce here that made me giggle. I've highlighted the punchline, but otherwise it is reproduced as it was printed.

"The increased cost of operating the aging Buena Vista ferry northwest of Albany is forcing Marion county officials to consider the ferry's long-term status. Last December, the county held a meeting to explain the problems associated with running the ferry and asked for ideas on additional funding options. The people with ties to the money, however, did not attend so nothing was concluded."

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