Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When you are a teacher, sometimes it is hard to remember the good times - like when the kids just get something or something goes just like you had planned. It is easy to get wrapped up in the problems and to constantly complain about the things that go wrong. I need to remember that even on the bad days there are good moments, that not every moment is negative. I need to remember that one kid should not have the power to ruin my day with one negative comment, that one class should not be able to frustrate me to the point that it affects the rest of my day. There is always tomorrow, which will most likely be a better day, and there are always friends that I can count on to cheer me up. It is easy, especially at this time of year, to focus on just getting through the remaining weeks and not put 100 percent of the effort into making every day as productive as possible. So my goal, for the remaining 21 days of school, is to make every day important, have a positive attitude, and not allow those few students that drive me crazy - to drive me crazy!

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Scott & Sarah said...

Thats right, just a few more days with this bunch of kids. They will never know how much you love them or how hard you work on their behalf. That said, I promise you that somewhere in their teenage mind you have made a postive impact that this crazy world can not take away. Stand strong and remember you are making a differance.