Thursday, March 20, 2008


After school today my officers made signs for the upcoming dance. They worked hard and did a good job, and then hauled all the signs up to the third floor to dry. Now my room is draped with signs. I also now have paint all over my pants. Ah well, I didn't really like them anyway. I am a little annoyed that the ASB officers left the ASB room a huge mess and left paint all over the place. I am going to have to yell at them tomorrow and they aren't even my kids. Argh. Oh well. In other news, my sister, who lives in Missouri, is not part of the flooding. It is flooding in the area she lives in, but one of the only good things about her house is that it is located on a slope and will not flood. But because many roads are closed, that means her husband can't work, and that means things get even harder for them....sigh. PS...I'm FREEZING right now.

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Colleen said...

Hey girlie! I posted a link to you on my blog. I need to call you and catch up, but I did read your ENTIRE blog tonight. (Slow night in Big D.) The quilt looks great and at least you have fingers left! It could be so much worse...remember?!