Saturday, March 8, 2008

Math is useless!

ok, so math isn't ACTUALLY useless, but seriously, what is the reason I have to know how to do algebra? I never use algebra, except today, when I had to take a teacher certification test, testing my knowledge of the aforementioned algebra. ARGH. I don't feel confident about whether I passed this test at all. A lot of the questions I could figure out using common sense and some dredged up information from long-ago high school math classes, but some of them I really had no idea. Why would I need to know what a pentagonal prism looks like? Or here's another pointless problem ..... 6 * 8 / 3 +5 -2 * 2 = ? I tried every combination I could think of to solve this problem and never got anything close to any of the four multiple choice answers given, so I finally just picked an answer at random. Whatever. I can't change anything now. In other news, I am one step closer to being a true Washingtonian...I got my new drivers license in the mail today. Now if only I had the money to get my license plates and inspection done, I wouldn't be so nervous about driving.

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